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Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Condominium

The original Fort Lauderdale Waterfront proposal called for two 40 story condominium towers, and the city commission asked to see a plan which involved smaller buildings. There is also a need for a tremendous amount of parking on this Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Development site. The tower as proposed could be the tallest tower ever built on Fort Lauderdale Beach. The property is owned by the City of Fort Lauderdale. The city’s request to see a smaller building, and yet have a great deal of parking on the site creates a unique a balancing act for any developer who needs to balance the scope of the project with the cost of leasing this waterfront land from the City of Fort Lauderdale. Land lease condominiums have become more common over the years with both Las Olas by the River and Nu River Landings as examples of Fort Lauderdale condominiums that involve land leases.  The land lease become part of the maintenance payments of the condominium owners but before any developer is going to step forward, the entire project needs to make sense in the Fort Lauderdale Condo market.

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